I had trouble getting to sleep last night when I started to realize all that I would have to do in preparation for this remodel.

And then I decided that was a little silly. I’ll start working on a logistics list… but not right away.

Lesson One: Worry doesn’t make it better.

You’re welcome.


Contractors and Plumbers and Phone Calls, Oh My!

Well… we are attempting a short-term fix so that we can postpone the madness until after the holidays. Really and truly, I don’t need dust and noise and construction with a houseful between now and the first of the year. A hole in my living room ceiling without a leak – meh. I can deal. Who knows, maybe we can hang tinsel from it…

So on the list at the moment:

– See if the temporary sealant Beloved Spouse used yesterday holds (trial run on Wednesday morning… with buckets and towels at the ready)

– Call our favorite design/build firm to see if they do jobs “this small” (palatial and grand, we are not…)

– Call the plumber if we need more than the temporary goo…

– Start interviewing other contractors this week (just to get prices)

– Take the cat out of the sink


Now it’s time to move on to other tasks — like 2 on calls this week and prep for a trip to the West Coast next week, and in the meantime… BREATHE. 🙂

So it begins… again.

Procrastination came to bite us. Big time. I was walking through the house towards my post-call cup of coffee when I noted this…

photo 1

Yup. Big problem.

We knew there was a small leak in the hall bath upstairs and thought we had fixed it. When my beloved spouse got home from work, we took down the discolored part of the ceiling (AFTER covering and moving furniture) and found a slow drip… from our bathroom. Apparently, our tub and drain are decayed enough that there is a slow, pinhole type leak, which is getting bigger all the time.

So now our ceiling looks like this…

photo 2

Our living room looks like this…

photo 3

And we are interviewing contractors.

Like our kitchen remodel, I will blog about the process of remodeling our bathrooms, the contractor we choose (they pay me NOTHING, so I will be honest), and what we did to get through it. I’ll try to keep a sense of humor. It’s kind of essential when you are living in the midst of a remodel.