The “To Do” list

MONDAY is THE day! The Lead Carpenter arrives and begins the taping, prepping and setting up of the work areas around the bathrooms. So there’s lots we have to do to get ready.

1st floor:
1. Empty out the cabinet under the sink.
2. Remove the shelf that has decor on it.
3. Take down the coat hooks.
4. Remove the throw rug.
5. Disinfect the toilet since we will re-use it and I’d prefer to have them move a clean one. 🙂
6. Put bathroom “tools” (aka plunger, toilet brush) in the garage for later.
7. Remove hall rug and put in storage.

2nd floor hall bath:
1. Finish emptying the cabinet and cupboards.
2. Take down the shower curtain.
3. Take out the remaining toiletries.
4. Remove the bathmat, scatter rugs and towels.
5. Take down any art on the walls (there’s a few small pieces).
6. Disinfect the toilet which we are also reusing.
7. Store the bathroom “tools” (as above).

Study prep:
1. Since we are expanding the master bath into what is now our closet area, I am going to temporarily store some items in my study. We have a set of storage bins for toiletries that I am moving in there.
2. Remove bulletin board from the outside of the door. This door will be sealed with a plastic barrier to cut down on the dust.
3. Roll up the rugs from the upstairs hall and store into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
4. Reconfigure area so that cats have a place to chill by the window. (Priorities, you know.)

Master bedroom:
1. Move extra dresser and blanket chest into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
2. Take up throw rugs and put also into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
3. Begin thinking about how I will store/use clothes from the closet area. We are re-doing the closet to make it a true walk-in closet. This means that I have to do some consolidating and giving away of the miscellaneous stuff that I store in my closet and may or may not want to take back there.
4. See if I can persuade my beloved to clear out and declutter his part, too.