Master Bath Demolition – The Prequel

NOTE: I just found FOUR posts that were in draft stage. Ooops. Here’s the first one.


So we moved out of our bedroom and bathroom this week. The kids are back in school and work, and the houseguests that accompanied them are gone as well. For a brief, fleeting weekend, we had all of our bathrooms available to us. It was convenient! 🙂

While the kids were home, we had our traditional “Wall Decoration Day” and let them have at it with markers and paint. I joined in the mayhem. It was fun.

2014-03-14 22.33.502014-03-14 22.33.382014-03-14 22.33.352014-03-14 22.33.112014-03-14 22.33.032014-03-14 22.32.482014-03-14 22.32.422014-03-14 20.54.592014-03-14 20.54.40

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