So, how are we coping?

Another post I forgot to Publish. Gee. What HAVE I been doing??


Someone asked me this week, “SOooo…. how are you coping?” The short answer is, “OK.” The long answer is, “OK, but I am ready for them to be done.” So here’s a “life in the trenches” blog post. Things are not neat and pretty around there. The storage choices we made are functional but not decorative. If you are a super neat person who alphabetizes your underwear, it will probably make you twitch a little.

First, the purrbabies. They have their own room in the basement where it’s quiet. It comes with their own couch, litter box, water bowl, food… and it is room most insulated from the noise and dust during the day. Do they like it? Not really. But they are coping. This is a daily task, though, that I’m very grateful I have an early-rising spouse. They have to be captured, carried into the room, and the room has to be relatively cat-proofed.

Tiria and Henry on "their" couch.

Tiria and Henry on “their” couch.

We moved our clothes out of the closet area. It is embarrassing to admit this… but we have a LOT of clothes. And shoes. And bags. And sweaters. And… well, you know.

2014-01-16 13.12.22

The old master bedroom closet when it was relatively neat.

It didn’t help that we spanned two seasons of clothing and shoes (winter and spring). So clothing which would normally be switched out the early part of April is still being retrieved from boxes and bins. And it’s just everywhere in the house, from the 2nd floor to the basement. There really isn’t an area of the house that isn’t affected. Here’s the dumping zone that was our living room. Out-of-season clothes, pictures, small furniture pieces. Lamps. Boxes of books and toiletries. Throw rugs. Extra linens and towels. Curtain rods. And the beat goes on… This meant we had to cover and pad the grand piano too.

The "entrance" to the living room.

The “entrance” to the living room.

Another view.

Another view.

More stuff.

More stuff. Mostly out-of-season clothes.

My study is now my dressing area, and where I have clothes from my dresser (Tshirts, underthangs, socks, etc.). I organized it in bins. It’s less than perfect, but it’s been do-able.

My desk is to the left. A pile of bins and baskets holds my clothes to the right.

My desk is to the left. A pile of bins and baskets holds my clothes to the right.

My dress clothes for work are in the basement.

Thanks to my beloved, a "custom" hanging rod!

Thanks to my beloved, a “custom” hanging rod!

And earrings, hair dryer, toiletries and sundries are on the dresser in my daughter’s room. photo 2-6 While I’m sleeping on the floor on an air mattress. photo 1-8 My husband has likewise used a daughter’s closet and a hanging area downstairs for his clothes, as well as his own set of boxes and bins. photo 2-11 In short, it’s been chaotic. I’ll post more about lessons learned through all of this. Once I can find my desk again.

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