The byline of Anthony Wilder Design/Build is “Architecture with Whimsy.”

That means something different to everyone, but for us, it gave us permission to be creative and have fun with our space.

It also let me try something new for a logistical problem for small bathrooms: WHERE to hang all of the towels?? I know from experience that kids prefer hooks to towel rods, and if it is summer time and there’s bathing suits and towels and cover-ups, you need more places to hang things. This “tree” was a creative solution. I had spotted an idea similar to this on Teh Interwebs, and decided it would be fun to try.

Tree decal

Tree decal

I got the tree-shaped decal on sale from Pier One. I also found leaf-shaped hooks on-line; (they were bronze so I spray-painted them black.) Once the bathroom was painted and I washed down the wall, I put up the decal. And then, George, our lead carpenter, put up the leaf-shaped hooks.

Close-up view

Close-up view

And hey! they even work! 🙂 I love it!

photo 3-10

Sources for this design:

  • Pier One: tree decal (website says it is discontinued, but I also spotted it here.)
  • EBay: Leaf-shaped hooks




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