Phase One – 99% DONE!

One of several posts I forgot to “publish.” Oops.

We are at the point of “substantial completion” of Phase One! This means that the first floor half bath and the hall bath are close to being finished. There’s still a few finishes left to do (like installing the wall art in the hall bath, as well as a new shower curtain rod. There also needs to be a hand towel rod and a toilet paper holders. But those are small potatoes. Just look at the difference!

Here’s the old half bath:

Powder room - the OLD one

Powder room – the OLD one



And here’s the new!


2014-04-16 14.34.07
Brighter, lighter, and a redirected heater vent takes care of moving the duct from the ceiling to the toe kick of the cabinet. The tiles are beautiful and clean like a dream. I’ll need to get some new things like a soap dish, but it’s really great that the toilet doesn’t leak. 🙂 Among other things, the original builder of the home took some plumbing short cuts. (Or, perhaps to put it more kindly, followed a standard of plumbing that is not recommended any more…)

Now, the hall bath. Remember we had leaking issues and problems with a sub floor. Turns out the toilet was installed incorrectly here as well. And the shut off valves were frozen. The stained fiberglass surround is GONE and is replaced with brighter tiles, better lighting and an easy clean tub.

Here’s the old hall bath:


Hall bathroom - OLD

Hall bathroom – OLD

And here’s the new!

2014-04-16 14.31.50

Yes!!! We’re excited. Not having “cascading fountains” into the living room is a good thing.

pictures of the master bath demolition
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how we’re coping for sleeping, dressing and storage while we are kicked out of our bedroom (HINT: It’s a good thing our children are in college.)