17 flights of stairs later…

This weekend was the major “move-out-of-the-closet” time. Meaning, all of our clothes, shoes, out-of season clothing, etc had to go someplace else.

And after sorting out an embarrassing amount of clothes, shoes and STUFF, I have eight bags of things to take to donate tomorrow. If I were going to follow the 50% rule of simplifying there would be about 20 more.

Today I did a lot of shuttling of clothes from the bedroom to the basement or first floor. My FitBit says I ran up (and down) 17 flights of stairs. My knees know it, too.

Anyway… We set up temporary daily closet space (he’s using a closet, I’m using a temp closet rod) and have a few more things to finish before it’s completely empty.

By this next week, the remodeling will be close to finishing the hall bath, and the powder room…

And then the real dust and noise begins.

Pictures soon…

The “To Do” list

MONDAY is THE day! The Lead Carpenter arrives and begins the taping, prepping and setting up of the work areas around the bathrooms. So there’s lots we have to do to get ready.

1st floor:
1. Empty out the cabinet under the sink.
2. Remove the shelf that has decor on it.
3. Take down the coat hooks.
4. Remove the throw rug.
5. Disinfect the toilet since we will re-use it and I’d prefer to have them move a clean one. 🙂
6. Put bathroom “tools” (aka plunger, toilet brush) in the garage for later.
7. Remove hall rug and put in storage.

2nd floor hall bath:
1. Finish emptying the cabinet and cupboards.
2. Take down the shower curtain.
3. Take out the remaining toiletries.
4. Remove the bathmat, scatter rugs and towels.
5. Take down any art on the walls (there’s a few small pieces).
6. Disinfect the toilet which we are also reusing.
7. Store the bathroom “tools” (as above).

Study prep:
1. Since we are expanding the master bath into what is now our closet area, I am going to temporarily store some items in my study. We have a set of storage bins for toiletries that I am moving in there.
2. Remove bulletin board from the outside of the door. This door will be sealed with a plastic barrier to cut down on the dust.
3. Roll up the rugs from the upstairs hall and store into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
4. Reconfigure area so that cats have a place to chill by the window. (Priorities, you know.)

Master bedroom:
1. Move extra dresser and blanket chest into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
2. Take up throw rugs and put also into one of the girls’ bedrooms.
3. Begin thinking about how I will store/use clothes from the closet area. We are re-doing the closet to make it a true walk-in closet. This means that I have to do some consolidating and giving away of the miscellaneous stuff that I store in my closet and may or may not want to take back there.
4. See if I can persuade my beloved to clear out and declutter his part, too.


The tile on the right is the tile accent for the master bathroom shower.

It is a beautiful sea glass. I really love the color.

The rest of the tile in the shower will be a high gloss white ceramic tile.


2014-01-18 09.30.13

The other tile (on the left) is the sample for the vanity top. More news when we’ve got it.

The “Befores”

Why are we doing this? Don’t your bathrooms work?

Well… sort of. Let me take you on a little journey of our “Befores”…

The leaky tub

The leaky tub

This is what started it all… the master bathtub started to leak around the diverter, around the drain and around the main faucet. This resulted in…

photo 2…a lovely hole in our living room ceiling. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to NOT get in the shower when I saw a large water spot forming on the ceiling. It had gotten worse over time, as the ceiling started to discolor and get soft.

Now, also in the master bathroom we have some other issues:

MBR floor and vanityFirst, there’s the 40 year old linoleum which is cracking and making it difficult to seal around the base of the toilet. The sink has no finish left on it, so it molds easily and always looks dirty. Then, the vanity veneer is coming apart. And finally, the faucet will drip nonstop unless you leave it turned to “cold”.

New walk in closet.

New walk in closet.

This is not something we HAVE to do, but we are taking advantage of getting a major mess done all at once. The four-door closet will be converted into a new walk-in closet. We haven’t configured it yet… but we’re looking forward to the improvement!

Hall bathroom

Hall bathroom

About ten years ago, we had to do an emergency replacement of the hall bathroom. This was the first time we had a hole in our living room ceiling… So the hall bath has newer flooring, but, alas, has been showing signs of a leak from SOMEWHERE. You can’t see it, but there is mold in the corner by the tub. When we had the toilet reset (because it was leaking) the plumber told me that we had about “six months before you have an even bigger mess.” Yikes. So yes, this tub has to be replaced, too.

Hall vanity

Hall vanity

The vanity, in this case, is in great shape (because we already replaced it!) We are going to re-purpose it (with a nice new finish) and add an under-counter mount sink and new faucet. It will also get a better mirror (it’s kinda like a fun house mirror in there!) and a niche storage area.

Powder room

Powder room

The powder room also needs a new vanity. It has that lovely “detaching” faux woodgrain finish. And a sink top that molds. And a faucet that leaks. And that cool 70s faux stone linoleum? Yeah, it’s leaving too.

So there you have it… all the reasons why we are doing this. Are we putting in gold-plated fixtures and a soaking tub with jets? A skylight and jacuzzi? No. But we are doing a timeless sort of update. More pictures of some of our choices later. 🙂

On our way!

We wrote another BIG check for the design part of this project. We looked at some tiles for the shower surround, floors and bath. We talked about sink fixtures. The architect and designer have listened to us and what is on paper looks really great. And best news of all, because we wanted our favorite lead carpenter, George, our timeline is pushed out to next month.

The bad news:
Life will be loud and messy when #2 daughter is home from college on spring break (we warned her already!)
It will take 12 weeks because we decided we need to stay here, not go to a motel (for $10K, I’d rather have a new closet than a hotel stay.)
I won’t get a skylight (sad face!!!)

I don’t have scans of our drawings, but I’ll try to figure out a way to post them.

For my part:
I am working on a logistics plan (vacating first two bathrooms, then one, will be a little crazy.)
We are getting our refi on the mortgage moving
I’m writing a paper on church history and polity, which I need to get back to… (looking at Houzz or Pinterest is far more exciting.)

The Christmas decorations are down… next?

2013-11-30 23.27.34

The Christmas tree and the rest of the decorations are down. We had a whimsical moment and decorated the hole in the living room ceiling. (Why not?)

I’m starting the list of prep details… it’s how I cope with the pending mess. This week we write another design fee check and get more details. I’m pretty jazzed. 🙂

Money, money, money…


Well, it will cost more than we thought (DUH) but we decided to do it any way. The first check (the design fee) was handed over this evening. We went with our favorite build/design firm in the entire universe Anthony Wilder Design/Build. (Check out their Houzz page here!)

(I don’t know if there are remodeling firms like this on Mars or Alpha Centauri. But there should be.)

We were thinking of something like this…



Now the fun begins….